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Carmelo Anthony is not happy about this Team USA sing-along

Most of Team USA is trying to have some fun as they travel to Houston, but veteran Carmelo Anthony does not appear to be interested at all.

The United States men’s basketball team is on its way to Houston to face off against Nigeria in its final stateside tune-up match before the Olympics and the team, or at least most of the team, is having fun while on their quest to win a gold medal.

DeMar DeRozan shared a video of the team on the plane singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 hit, “A Thousand Miles,” with teammates Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving happily joining in as a blanket wrapped Kevin Durant smiles on. All appears to be joyful with the team until the camera pans to a very grumpy Carmelo Anthony.


Draymond Green posted some more of the sing along on Snapchat, which included Jimmy Butler displaying his love of country music.

Carmelo Anthony is the oldest member of the team headed to the 2016 Olympics by two years, so perhaps he feels the need to be a somber veteran to balance out the team’s youthful exuberance, or maybe he just hates sing-alongs, which is also a valid opinion.

Team USA will kick off its Olympic campaign with a game against China on August 6 as the squad tries to win its third consecutive gold at the Rio games.