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Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and Derek Fisher could have gotten kids some free sneakers but they did not.

By Brendan Maloy
July 30, 2016

Lots of basketball camps claim they will teach kids the fundamentals of the game of basketball and many of them likely follow through on that promise, but Michael Jordan, with some help from Chris Paul and Derek Fisher, decided to teach his campers the fundamentals of the game of life.

At his annual Flight School camp, Jordan accepted a challenge from Paul: If he missed three shots in an around-the-world the campers would each get a free pair of shoes. Kids hopes were high that they would be getting some fresh new Air Jordans, but No. 23 taught kids that high expectations can mean big disappointment.

​If that were not bad enough, Paul and Fisher missed a shot that would have gifted the players fresh footwear

Its a cold world out there kids, and who better to teach you that than a group of NBA legends.

Don’t feel too bad for these kids though, as the Flight School experience costs $795 for overnight campers and $655 for commuters so their parents can probably swing a pair of Jordans, even if the price tag is now comfortably over $200 for a pair.

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