Dude tries to catch foul ball, loses beer, gets nachos all over his face

A foul ball ditched his beer and nachos to catch a foul ball. What happened next was absolutely hilarious.
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It seems with each passing week, fouled attempts to catch foul balls in the stands get funnier and funnier.

Entering this week, the lady who inexplicably tried to catch a foul ball with a tray full of food and beer was the leader in the clubhouse for most ridiculous moment in the stands. On Wednesday night, nachos man emerged.

Yeah, a Pirates fan went all out for a foul ball during the team’s game against the Padres, ditching his beer and nachos to make a leaping catch. Well, he lost the beer, the ball went flying past his hand, and his nachos went all over his face.

I feel really bad for that dude. He’s got to shell out at least $8 for another tallboy, $9 for more nachos and maybe $20 for another t-shirt. But, he’ll probably have a nice chuckle about it at the office tomorrow.

Moral of the story: Never sacrifice the nachos, or the beer, for a foul ball.

– Kenny Ducey