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This Blue Jays pitcher eats well.

By Kenny Ducey
August 22, 2016

We need to talk about Marcus Stroman’s incredible eye for great food.

On Monday afternoon, the Blue Jays starter shook Twitter when he sent out a strong take. “Prosciutto on a burger is essential,” the righthander said.

Now, look, prosciutto on a burger is certainly not essential, but it’s hard to argue a pro-proscuitto take like this one. Judging from this tweet, I figured Stroman knows what he’s talking about when it comes to food.

Hungry for more, I did a little digging. What else is Stro into? Does he like weird meals, or is he a true gourmand, a connoisseur of good food?

Here are some food tweets from Marcus. He certainly eats very delectable food, from bacon jelly and hanger steak to apple-infused turkey burgers.

This one, speaking from experience, is especially true:

And, anyone who’s been to Publix can vouch for this:

Sorry for interrupting. Lets continue:

Yeah, I’m hungry too.

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