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Fox News called Steve Spurrier 'Head Game Coach'

Steve Spurrier got a new nickname courtesy of Fox News.

Steve Spurrier’s new memoir shares its title with his longtime nickname “Head Ball Coach,” and the former Florida and South Carolina coach is out promoting the book at various media outlets.

While Spurrier chatted with Fox & Friends, whoever was in charge of the chyron got a little mixed up and invented a new nickname that sounds like a Steve Spurrier knock-off brand.

Not everyone is a sports fan so it would not be fair to assume whoever made the flub is aware of the nickname, but since this is also the name of the book Spurrier is there to promote, this is a fairly egregious error.

The upside is it has created the opportunity for us to come up with other new nicknames for Spurrier: Lead Sports Man, Chief Signal Caller, Top Contest Manager, Athletic Instructor-in-Chief.