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At least the Saints and Giants already played each other this season.

By Extra Mustard
October 04, 2016

At least the Saints and Giants already played each other this season, or this revelation could get awkward: Drew Brees told Peter King on this week‘s podcast that his oldest son, Baylen, wanted to be Odell Beckham Jr. for Halloween last year.

Baylen Brees is nearly seven years old, and the eldest of three boys who are all apparently football-obsessed, according to their dad (not surprising). Baylen plays receiver in flag football, and Drew coached the team last spring.

All three kids attend the Newman School in New Orleans, which is where all three Manning kids went, way back when, and also where Odell Beckham went.

“It was in 2015, before we played the Giants [in New Orleans], and [Baylen] made a big deal about two Newman alums coming back home, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr., and so, for some reason at that moment it clicked with my son. This was right before Halloween, so he’s like, ‘I want an Odell Beckham jersey, I wanna be Odell Beckham for Halloween,’ and I’m like ‘Whoaaa, listen, we play these guys on Sunday, alright. I’m not gonna have my oldest son running around in the other team’s jersey. Let’s just wait until after this weekend and you can be a fan of whoever you want.”

Find the MMQB podcast here to hear the whole conversation between Brees and King.

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