Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This guy is a legend.

By Kenny Ducey
November 07, 2016

G.O.A.T.s eat goats, apparently.

Cubs general manger Theo Epstein has been feeling pretty invincible after ending the team’s 108-year World Series drought this Fall, partying his tail off and even dropping an F-bomb on live television after the win.

Well, he took things one step further, it seems. After the World Series, Epstein actually ordered roasted goat for lunch from his friends at Boka Restaurant Group, according to the Chicago Sun Times, and ate it in the Wrigley Field bleachers. A goat, of course, is what many believe cursed the team all those years ago.

The Sun-Times writes that the oven-roasted goat weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

Many thought Epstein wearing a disguise in the bleachers during a game was his nuttiest move at the park, but this tops it.


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