Watch: Cross country runner gets pummeled by deer mid-race

Cross-country is a contact sport. Watch as a deer proves that.
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Running can be a contact sport, and not just for humans.

A video by Facebook user Eric Bologa captured a crazy moment during a cross-country meet last weekend where a runner was absolutely trucked by a deer just getting across the course.

See the hit for yourself:

Justin DeLuzio of Gwynedd Mercy College, the cross-country runner who was drilled, still managed to get up and finish the race.

Update: caught up with DeLuzio earlier in the week. Despite the hit, all he suffered was a small bruise on his hip.

“I was in some pain during the race, but I definitely felt it more so afterwards,” DeLuzio said. “Once the adrenaline had gone down, it was sore for a couple of days. Fortunately, I do not have any scars or large bruises. Just a small one on my hip.”