Bill Belichick doesn’t give a damn about your fancy advanced stats

The Patriots coach went on another rant Friday, this time about metrics.
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Bill Belichick doesn’t care for many things outside of football, and that includes the fancy numbers that savants spend tireless hours compiling.

In another compelling monotone rant, the Patriots coach wouldn’t even give advanced stats or metrics from websites the time of day, intentionally using them incorrectly in sentences.

“What the hell is that?” Belichick told reporters Friday morning when asked about a quarterback’s “quick release” and how important it is. “I mean, you can take those advanced websites and metric them in whatever you want. I don’t know. I have no idea. I’ve never looked at one. I wouldn’t even care to look at one. I don’t even care what they say.”

Belichick just Randy Johnson’d that dude. Straight up told him, get these advanced numbers out of my face. He has more important things to think about than what nerds are saying about his football team. Does the team use advanced numbers? Most likely. They’re too smart not to. But that doesn’t mean Belichick has to like it, or that he’s reading your blog.

Yeah, this is definitely the same guy that slammed a tablet against a training table and said he will no longer use them.

– Kenny Ducey