Justin Bieber totally looks like he plays for FC Barcelona

The tattoos, the form, he’s a perfect fit,
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Justin Bieber went to visit FC Barcelona during a training session this weekend, and if you weren’t used to seeing his mug everywhere, you wouldn’t be able to tell which person on the pitch was a pop star.

Biebs was a perfect fit while hanging with Neymar and Rafinha, with a short, messy haircut and tattoo sleeves. I’d argue his old hairstyle, which required an entire tub of gel to perfect each day, would have fit better but this was sufficient.

Look at his surprisingly not-bad form on some kicks! He still has a long way to go in goal, though. I can say that because I was a fifth-string goalie in high school.

He visited the team back in 2011, when his hair was a bit longer, his arms were ink-free, and his shot was just a bit weaker. Now, he’s probably got a shot of playing in MLS.