20 positively hideous holiday sweaters from SI’s Fanatics store

It’s the holiday season, which means you’re going to need to find a go-to ugly sweater for all your cocktail parties.
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It’s the holiday season, which means you’re going to need to find a go-to ugly sweater for all your cocktail parties. We’re here to help.

If you’re a huge sports fan like us, and haven’t got an ugly sweater lying around, SI’s Fanatics store has plenty of sweaters available for purchase, and probably even has one of your favorite squad.

From bright, annoying colors to strange designs, these 20 sweaters are sure to blind your eyes and be a hit at any party you decide to attend this winter.

Ravens Klew Patches Sweater

The red eye makes this one unsightly. Available here.


Minnesota Vikings Klew Purple Light-Up Sweater

Now you can celebrate Adam Thielen reaching paydirt with a light-up sweater. Available here.


Miami Dolphins Klew Patches Sweater - Aqua

Because you’ll need a sweater in South Beach. Available here.


New York Giants C Banks Sweater – Royal Blue

The most bland sweater to cheer for the most bland quarterback. Available here.


Auburn Tigers Klew Thematic Sweater - Navy

Definitely something Gus Malzahn would wear. Available here.


New York Knicks Patches Crew Neck Sweater - Blue/Orange

An ugly sweater for an ugly franchise. Available here.


Kirk Cousins Redskins Klew Loud Player Crew Neck Sweater - Burgundy

Because you REALLY love Kirk Cousins. Available here.


Michigan Wolverines Patches Pullover Sweater - Navy

If you never want to see again, this will do the trick. Available here.


Oregon Ducks Patches Sweater - Hunter Green

There’s so much going on, your head will be spinning more than when Chip Kelly left for the NFL. Available here.


Kansas City Chiefs Klew Unisex Slogan Crew Knit Sweater - Red

So many decibels you just might have to take it off. Available here.


Seattle Seahawks Klew Light-Up Sweater - College Navy

Brighter than even Pete Carroll. Available here.


Philadelphia Eagles Klew Retro Sweater - Green

Because we all know an Eagles fan that wants to proudly announce they’re an Eagles fan this holiday season. Available here.


New Orleans Pelicans Patches Crew Neck Sweater - Navy/Red

The only thing that can stand out more than a unibrow. Available here.


Seattle Mariners Patches Pullover Sweater - Navy

'Tis the Seager! Available here.


Boston Red Sox Klew Thematic Sweater - Navy Blue

Look out! It’s a flying baseball! Available here.


Chicago Cubs Klew Women’s Inline Eyelash Sweater - Royal Blue

Do you like this one, Squidward? I made it out of Cleveland’s tears. Available here.


Philadelphia Flyers Klew Thematic Crewneck Sweater - Orange

Look out! It’s a flying puck! Available here.


Los Angeles Lakers Klew Slogan Sweater - Purple

A hot sweater for the hottest team in basketball. Available here.


Florida Gators Patches Sweater - Royal

A color scheme that screams “Christmas.” Available here.


Ohio State Buckeyes Aztec Sweater Vest - Scarlet

Because you’re more of a Jim Tressel guy. Available here.