The year in fan behavior, 2016 edition

From throwing full cans of beer to flipping off Russell Westbrook, here are all the dumb things sports fans did in 2016.
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Now that we've celebrated all of the major accomplishments in sports this year – the gold medals, the buzzer beaters, the Super Bowl victories – it's time to recognize the true heroes of the game: fans.

What would sports be like without the beer-throwers, the belligerent vomiters, the ass-barers? Way, way more boring. Here are some of the things sports fans did to distinguish themselves in 2016:

They melted down over Deflategate

Ben Affleck has never been more relatable to regular dudes.

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They danced too hard

Literally everyone but this Kentucky fan knew exactly how this scene would end.


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They got naked, because haha, butts

Even the brightest minds in America think mooning is funny.

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They flipped off the other team's players

Considering this guy has to root for the Sixers, he probably deserves a break.

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They threw things at the other team's players

Like bracelets...

...and full beer cans...

...and [good lord, I can't believe I went to college to study journalism in hopes of uncovering the next Watergate and yet here I am, 13 years later, typing the following word:] dildos.

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They shined laser beams in eyeballs

This seems distracting.

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They got super dumb tattoos

Any chance of the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl was quashed when this overconfident fellow decided to tattoo "SUPER BOWL LI CHAMPIONS" on his arm. This is the rule, and there are no exceptions.

Exhibit A:

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They bodyslammed tables

Deadspin has the exhaustive list of Bills fans causing themselves bodily harm, but here are some highlights:

And then again, except with more self-destruction.

Finally, a personal favorite, the ol' jump-on-a-burning-table-and-set-your-ass-on-fire gag. Classic!

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They celebrated a missed field goal, then lashed out

Vikings fans thought this field goal was good. It was not. Below, watch dreams get crushed.

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They cheered for free Chick-Fil-A during a loss

Fourth-quarter chicken promotions are a bad idea when the team happens to be a perpetual loser.

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They puked on everyone, kicked police officers and got carried out of the stadium

This LSU fan did not go down without a fight.

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Thanks for another great year, obnoxious sports fans.