Wed. P.M. Hot Clicks: Dajana Radovanovic; Athlete Names Inspired By Star Wars

Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Dajana Radovanovic and athlete names inspired by Star Wars 
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Athlete Names That Sound Like Star Wars Characters


​The topic of Star Wars has come up quite a bit lately, especially considering the success of Rogue 1 and the tragic death of Carrie Fisher. With that in mind, below is a gallery of some athletes whose names sound like they were taken straight from the films. (Click here for full-size version.)

George Karl Really Wants You To Buy His Book

George Karl has a new book out, and if trashing Carmelo Anthony and PED accusations aren't enough to make you read it, the conspiracy theories about the NBA fixing games certainly will.

25 Best MLB Player Tweets of 2016

The Chris Sale/Seinfeld puffy shirt tweet is my favorite.

Dajana Radovanovic: P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

Will Dajana Radovanovic earn a spot in this year's swimsuit issue? Find out soon (click for full-size gallery).

Here's a Campaign We Can All Get Behind

2016 has been a tough year for celebrity deaths. The list is long and already well covered, so I encourage you to support this GoFundMe campaign to "protect" Betty White from 2016.

A-Rod's Daughter Has Swag

Now this is how you flip a bat!

Breaking: The Big Show is Not Dead

It was just a rumor. As for actual wrestling news, read our Week in Wrestling column.

Speaking Of...

Yankee Stadium Right Now

Odds & Ends

SI's top 10 soccer stories of 2016 ... The Browns "perfect season" parade has been canceled ... It looks like Ohio State has found its next great kicker ... Dez Bryant, who threw a touchdown pass on Monday, tried to crash the Cowboys QB meeting ... NASA's best images of earth in 2016 ... George Michael's estate is valued at over $125 million.

Check Her Ankles

So Long, Rex

Things To Do With a Hockey Puck

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