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Smash Mouth is trying to start beef with Draymond Green


To be clear, it’s highly unlikely anyone cares about Smash Mouth anymore, but it’s very likely that Smash Mouth cares a lot about basketball, because Smash Mouth is tweeting about basketball, and tweeting angrily at Warriors star Draymond Green.

The Smash Mouth account (dunno which super-washed band member handles it, but I’m gonna attribute it to the lead singer because that’s how bands work) went off on Green after Golden State’s collapse against Memphis on Friday night, which I honestly didn’t watch, but it sure sounds like Draymond was being his usual self.

Smash Mouth isn’t having it.

Draymond, you don’t have to say anything back. You still win.

Hey now, you’re an All-Star, get your game on, go blow a 3–1 lead in the Finals.