Listen to Jose Reyes rap over his own highlights

Pretty braggadocious.
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Rapping about how great you are is one thing. Rapping about how great you are over video evidence of you being great is another.

That’s what Mets shortstop Jose Reyes did this weekend. The same guy that rapped on a Spanish remix of “All The Way Up” and used it as his at-bat song mixed a verse with some video highlights for his Twitter followers to consume.

Here’s a rough translation:

I was born in the country and bought a penthouse in the capital
But I don't live in it, I have it building up some capital
And with that income I pay off the Rolls Royce
I don't have to front, everyone knows who I am
I don't like caviar, I still eat fried food
Shoutout to blondie, I have a fine dark honey
I must have 200 people on my roster
I scare myself when I open my mouth and speak the truth
They all said that Reyes was done I made like the Phoenix and came right back
They left me for dead And now they're seeing a phantom dressed in white

This is a hype video for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, which Reyes will play in with the Domincan Republic.

[h/t to Stan]

– Kenny Ducey