Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Kristal Silva and White Men Can't Jump getting a remake

By Andy Gray
January 18, 2017

White Men Can't Jump, The Remake

Remaking classic TV shows and movies is a risky proposition. For every success (21 Jump Street), there are several misses (whoever made Love Don't Cost a Thing should be jailed). But I've always thought White Men Can't Jump is ripe for a remake, and yesterday, it became official. Our pals at Fox Sports decided to cast the movie using real NBA players and I think Gordon Hayward needs to work on his trash talking.

World's 20 Biggest Sports Stadiums

Construction on the world's biggest cricket stadium (110,000 capacity) is underway in India. Where will this rank among the biggest sports venues in the world? Bigger than just about every college football stadium but still not bigger than a soccer field in North Korea. Check out the entire list.

Random Feud of the Week

Actress Jessica Chastain vs. Brewers pitcher Matt Garza are squabbling over birth control.

Kristal Silva: Lovely Lady of the Day

The Miss Universe 2016 pageant contestants are already in the Philippines for the contest, which goes down later this month, and my money is on Kristal Silva, who will represent Mexico. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

One Way to Break Ground on a New Arena

The Warriors held a ceremony Monday to officially begin the construction of their new arena in downtown San Francisco. I always thought these ceremonies consisted of a rich guy or two shoveling some dirt like Rodney Dangerfield did in Back to School. But this is San Francisco and things are done a little different there. On another note, if you haven't seen Back to School yet, do so ASAP.

This is an actual website and San Diego and Los Angeles moving companies are on board.

About That Cowboys Championship Tattoo

In retrospect, maybe not such a great idea.

Willie McCovey Gets a Pardon

Some Thoughts on Skip Bayless

By Jim Thompson

Hot Clicks Gift Tip

New Hot Clicks feature! Since I know you love when I spend your money, I'm going to start suggesting random products for you to buy. These are mostly things I think are cool or useful in life. Today's item is from the latter category and it's a toothpaste tube wringer. This isn't one of those crappy ones you get at Target and fall apart three months later. This one you'll have for life. It's not cheap ($24.95) but it's good quality and you'll make your money back in saved toothpaste. Buy yours today!

Odds & Ends

Lady Gaga has some big (and somewhat unrealistic) plans for the Super Bowl halftime show ... The Chargers retired their disastrous new logo ... Beer yoga looks like a good time ... The 10 best fine dining restaurants in the world ... The weirdest moments in Price is Right history ... Ten movies you need to see at Sundance ... I could never live in one of these micro-apartments in Hong Kong.

This Cracked Me Up

John Cena Squats Al Roker

Never Seen This Before

Honest Trailers: Space Jam

Happy Birthday, Million Dollar Man

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