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It looks like Subtweet LeBron is back

Oh yeah. Ohhhhhh yeah. You thought Subtweet LeBron was gone? You thought wrong.

Oh yeah. Ohhhhhh yeah. You thought Subtweet LeBron was gone? You thought wrong.

The same guy who seemed to cryptically call out Kevin Love for “fitting out” instead of “fitting in” in 2015, and unfollowed the Cavs last March, broke out the smartphone again on Tuesday. After ripping into the Cavaliers following a loss to the Pelicans—saying the team needed “a f---ing playmaker”—James clarified his comments.

“I not mad or upset at management,” he wrote in a tweet.

All good, right? He wrote everything he needed to. They need to improve to repeat! Simple enough.

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But wait! What’s that sound? Is that the keys on his phone snapping as he pecks out another 27 characters? You bet it is.

And, just like that, Subtweet Bron is back, baby. What does this even mean? Does he think the team doesn’t want to win a championship? He did, after all, say on Monday he hoped the organization “was not satisfied.”

Everyone kinda lost it:

Usually we have to wait until March. This year we didn’t even have to wait until February.

It probably means nothing, but maybe...just means something.