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Sammy Sosa denied PED use by comparing himself to Jesus Christ

It's a creative comparison, for sure. 

Sammy Sosa compared himself to Jesus Christ.

The 48-year-old retired Cubs slugger, who hit 609 career home runs, made the creative comparison in an interview with former Cubs employee Chuck Wasserstrom. Wasserstrom asked Sosa if it bothers him that people assume he used performance-enhancing drugs despite there not being any hard evidence that he did.

Here's how Slammin' Sammy responded:

"Chuck, it’s like Jesus Christ when he came to Jerusalem. Everybody thought Jesus Christ was a witch (laughing) – and he was our savior. So if they talk (poop) about Jesus Christ, what about me? Are you kidding me?"

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Sosa famously competed with Mark McGwire for the home run crown in 1998. McGwire hit 70 home runs and Sosa finished with 66, both shattering the previous record of 61. 

-Daniel Rapaport