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Northwestern player chooses wrong time to tie shoe, promptly gets ball swiped

Northwestern player gets ball stolen after trying to tie shoe

Today's Extra Mustard Public Service Announcement comes from the world of women's college basketball and the proper way to deal with an un-tied shoe while playing.

Northwestern guard Ashley Deary learned a valuable lesson during the first half of Thursday's game against Rutgers when she stopped dribbling in the backcourt when she had to stop to tie one of her shoes.

Rutgers guard Khadaizha Sanders noticed and took full advantage, stealing the ball before passing the ball to guard Shrita Parker for an easy layup.

Those two points didn't help much as the Scarlet Knights were routed 60–38, dropping them to 6–22 on the season. Deary made up for the mistake by scoring five points and dishing out eight assists in the victory.

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Lesson learned.