Rob Gronkowski layed up a 69 joke for a woman at the Daytona 500 and she totally missed it.

By SI Wire
February 26, 2017

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski loves the number 69. That's no secret.

As previously chronicled on Extra Mustard: Gronk isn’t just one of those guys replying “nice” to every tweet with 69 in it. He put No. 69 on the back of his practice jersey in masking tape. He struggled to keep a straight face after catching his 68th touchdown. His eyebrows crept up his face when Josina Anderson cited stats with the number 69 in them. He once even missed a free throw deliberately to keep the score at 69.

One of the Dayton 500's Monster Energy girls has totally missed all of these stories.

Never change, Gronk.

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