Dirk gets 30,000 points but Jason Derulo drops more than twice that in cash at a strip club.

By Andy Gray
March 08, 2017

This is what a $53,000 strip club bill looks like


I should lead Hot Clicks with Dirk Nowitzki scoring his 30,000th career point but this seems much more exciting. Jason Derulo went to Ace of Diamonds Strip Club in West Hollywood and spent $53,439.75 on alcohol. And that's not all. Derulo also dropped $20,000 on strippers. "I'm from Miami, this is my lifestyle, this is where I come from," he explained afterwards. In a related story, my wife and I decided to pick up from our local diner last night even though our fridge was stocked with food. We dropped $22. Suck it, Derulo.

Important Hot Clicks update

Remember that story from earlier in the week I posted about the man who got crushed by his six-ton porn collection. Turns out it was all made up. I apologize. Going forward, I'm going to view every DBP (death by porn) through a more skeptical lens.

Someone make a citizen's arrest on Mike Greenberg 

I don't really watch Mike and Mike because it's on while I'm writing A.M. Hot Clicks but any person who needs a fork to eat wings and sandwiches is not okay in my book. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

If you're in a pinch, toast can be a satisfying and low-effort meal. You probably won't look as good as Natalie Roser eating toast but that's really not the point. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Today in bizarre sports tattoos

This Titans fan is very confident his team will be AFC South champion in 2017.

Ten sports photos that look different if you're color blind

Did you know that eight percent of all U.S. men are color blind?

Tom Brady makes some friends

Just in case you haven't seen this photo yet

Really tall pitcher alert

My favorite '90s boy band

Odds & ends

I'd be so frustrated if I were this goalie ... Mark Cuban gives the best quotes ... Michael Jordan's private jet has an ugly new paint job ... Good piece on how streaming music has destroyed the Top 40 ... How much does it really cost to attend The Oscars ... The Dynasty reboot is a TV show I will never watch ... Don't throw change into a turtle pond ... Today is International Women's Day and here's how the world is celebrating.

Mark Cuban congratulates Dirk on 30,000

Padres vs. bees

Gorilla on the court!

Northern lights

Hard pass on rectal weed. Thanks.

Pusher Man

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