This is unbelievable—literally. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
March 28, 2017

Lou Gehrig died in 1941. But what if he came back?

Cathy Byrd believes that her son, Christian Haupt, is the reincarnated spirit of Gehrig. No, seriously. 

Byrd wrote a book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, laying out the case for why her son batted cleanup behind Babe Ruth. The evidence includes Christian, at the age of two, telling his mom “I used to be a tall baseball player.” Is that a toddler just talking nonsense as he experiments with language or did he really mean to say “I won the MVP award in 1926”? Byrd also writes that Christian told her of traveling to hotels by train and recalled a falling out between Ruth and Gehrig.

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But wait, it gets better. Byrd went to a hypnotist and unlocked memories of her own past life as Gehrig’s mother, which she calls “past-life regressions.” What are the odds?

Christian is eight now and playing baseball for a travel team. He’s also a Dodgers fan, probably because he loved beating the Giants so much in his past life. If what his mother says is correct, we can expect Christian’s first 40-homer season to come in 16 years. 

Unfortunately, any hitting tips Gehrig carried with him into his new life are now gone. Byrd says Christian no longer remembers his past life as power-hitting first baseman for the Murderer’s Row Yankees. 


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