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Video: John Cena gave this fan the surprise of a lifetime, with a little help from AJ Styles

John Cena is the nicest guy in WWE. 

There isn’t a wrestler out there who shows more love for his fans than John Cena. 

Justin Marion’s son, Payton, is a huge Cena fan and came out to see him at a recent WWE event. Cena spotted Payton ringside and tossed him his T-shirt and wristband after his match, but the best part of the night came backstage after the show when AJ Styles helped arrange a meeting with Cena. 

Comment from discussion My son met his hero!.

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Marion also posted another video of Payton going nuts when Cena’s entrance music was played. 

Cena’s work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation has been well documented. He’s met more than 500 kids that way, but just imagine how many more kids like Payton there are that we don’t even hear about.