Watch The Rock bring a grown man to tears; "Star Wars" gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment and more.

By Jimmy Traina
April 06, 2017

1.  The Rock has a lot of super powers. He can raise an eyebrow better than anyone. He dominates Instagram. And he can make grown men cry. The man known as Dwayne Johnson teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to surprise people visiting Universal Studios at Disney World. The big payoff comes three minutes in when one guy is brought to tears by seeing his “hero since he was 5 years old.”

2. Speaking of crying, this poor Rangers fan couldn’t keep her composure Wednesday night after Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor hit a three-run homer to erase Texas’ 6-5 lead.

3. Tom Brady is killing time this offseason by feeding glass to magician David Blaine.

4. This is a truly horrible back page by the New York Post, which tried to turn news of Derek Jeter possibly buying the Marlins into a pun about former Knicks coach Derek Fisher, who would like to be forgotten by every single person in New York.

5. In Monday’s “Traina Thoughts,” I speculated about whether John Cena’s proposal to Nikki Bella was authentic, given that rumors were swirling for days that that WWE superstar would pop the question at WrestleMania. Nikki confirmed Wednesday that she was aware of the rumors, but didn’t think the proposal was going to happen until she saw Cena’s mom in the first row after she and Cena had hit the ring for their match. 

6. The Internet can sometimes be a wonderfully brilliant place. This mashup of press secretary Sean Spicer and some children is proof.

7. The latest installment of the popular “Bad Lip Reading” series takes on Star Wars.

8. The commute on Wednesday was a real headache for one New Yorker. 

9. Watch this mostly ad-libbed scene by Don Rickles in the Artie Lange-Norm MacDonald movie, Dirty Work. Then listen to Lange and Howard Stern breakdown Rickles' amazing work in the movie. RIP.

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