He was just a little off course. 

By Dan Gartland and Extra Mustard
April 10, 2017

Dropping out of Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix race wasn’t even the lowlight of cyclist Andrea Guardini’s day. 

When Guardini was forced to pull out of the 257-km, one-day race, a member of his team told him to ride a more direct route to the finish. “I took their word for it,” Guardini explained later on Facebook. He figured he’d be at the finish 40 minutes before the winners but instead suddenly found himself riding on a busy highway. 

It’s obviously dangerous to ride a bike on an expressway so the police were called to pick Guardini up and bring him to safety. 

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Guardini made it very clear that, contrary to some rumors, he was not arrested for his navigation error. The police simply threw his bike in their van and ferried him to safety. Once he arrived at the station he was able to call his wife, who in turn called a member of his team to come pick him up. 

Props to Guardini for handling the whole thing in stride, though. He’s wearing a big smile in all the photos he posted and gave the officer who picked him up his race jersey as a token of gratitude. 

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