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Gregg Popovich apparently left a $5,000 tip at a Memphis restaurant

Quite a flex.

There’s flexing, and then there is flexing while kindly improving the lives of others in selfless fashion. Guess which one is the San Antonio Spurs way?

Gregg Popovich apparently tipped $5,000 on an $800 bill at McEwen’s in Memphis, which is close to FedEx Forum, known for having a nice wine selection, and convenient for the Spurs, who were obviously in town over the weekend for the playoffs.

A photo of the receipt from that dinner surfaced on reddit, and thanks to some additional sleuthing from the San Antonio Express News, it’s fair to assume this is real. The restaurant’s owner confirmed that Popovich has eaten there before, but left it at that.

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The image (which was deleted on reddit but screenshotted by the Express News) showed a dinner receipt for $815.73 signed by Popovich dated Friday, April 21. And yes, there is a $5,000 tip on it.

This also may have happened before at other restaurants.