Here are some bad old tweets from NFL draftees

Mitchell Trubisky highlighted a first round that saw some funky tweets resurface. 
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When you enter the NFL, your whole life gets put under a microscope. And, apparently, your entire social media history is liable to be combed through by fans. For better or worse.

On draft night, this led to some fairly absurd and unfortunate old tweets resurfacing. 

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, taken second by the Bears, was the biggest contributor of bad old tweets. Here's one about his team's new rival: 

And, more regrettably, the Tar Heel once tweeted: 


Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey's twitter account got swept into the fun too:

We've all been there, Christian.

The Panthers took McCaffrey with the eighth pick.

Bears fans react to selection of Mitchell Trubisky

And for the road, here's a highly suspect take from Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Allen, picked 17th: 

Allen was taken by the Redskins, who will hopefully look to him shore up their defensive front, but not to review films.