Watch Boris Diaw’s short film Easylife, starring Cedric the Entertainer

Boris Diaw’s short film Easylife starring Cedric the Entertainer has been released.
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Boris Diaw’s short film Easylife starring Cedric the Entertainer has been released, and you can watch it below.

The Utah Jazz forward, via France, is known for his diverse off-court interests, and found time in his schedule last year to write and direct an entire short film starring the iconic comedian.

The film is described as follows:

The story of a dad attempting to make his rebellious kid understand how easy his life is compared to some other kids in the world. To get his message across, he tells a vivid story of a little kid in Africa being turned into a child soldier.

Warning: there’s some graphic imagery.

It’s always cool to see NBA players get work done off the court, and perhaps more is on the way here. Diaw and the Jazz face the Clippers on Sunday in a winner-take-all Game 7.