Monday's Hot Clicks: Rita Madozino; Aaron Rodgers has a new ladyfriend

In Monday's Hot Clicks, we look at Aaron Rodgers' newest ladyfriend and a feature on the lovely Rita Madozino.
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Aaron Rodgers has a new gal pal


That didn't take long. Just weeks after breaking off his three-year relationship with Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers has a new gal in his life and her name is Kelly Rohrbach. I love this move because Kelly is a former SI Swimsuit rookie of the year who finds me very funny. Munn, meanwhile, is "furious" that Rodgers moved on so quickly but players gotta play.

NFL draft leftovers

Winners and losers of the 2017 draft ... The Colts had an orangutan make one of their picks.Mike Mayock was not impressed  ... ​Travis Rudolph watched the draft with an autistic middle schooler he befriended in August ...Roger Goodell and his boogers had an eventful weekend ... Broncos pick DeMarcis Walker saw snow for the first time in his life ... I love when Mia Khalifa goes into troll mode ... The NFL's marijuana stance makes no sense.

BIG3 chooses teams

The BIG3, a basketball league formed by Ice Cube comprised of former NBA stars playing 3-on-3 against each other, took place this weekend. Kwame Brown, DeShawn Stevenson and Moochie Norris were all selected while Steve Francis and Latrell Sprewell got dissed.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Belarus native Rita Madozino speaks five languages and is currently attending pre-med school. Color me impressed. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery).

The World's 10 most expensive cars

Spoiler: My 2015 Subaru Legacy hatchback did not make the list.

NYC cops pull over two-year-old toddlers

Since most stories you read about the police are negative, here's a positive one.

This looks gross

I believe this is a bad tattoo

Odds & ends

In honor of Isaiah Thomas, here's a gallery of hockey's best toothless smiles ... Potential landing spots for the ESPN free agents ... The Maple Leafs released an explanation about why they unfollowed everyone on Twitter .... Anthony Rendon had a better Sunday than you did ... I don't understand why anyone would want to climb Mount Everest ...A Mississippi deputy sheriff is suing R. Kelly for giving his wife Chlamydia ... I've always thought Johnny Depp was shady ... The Writers Guild strike looks like a go ... Twitter hates rich people, as seen in these #Fyre tweets.

Best play of the weekend

Best calls of the weekend

Classy move by Edmonton fans

Get the tissues

2018 SI Swimsuit casting videos for your viewing pleasure



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