Lil Bow Wow got caught lying about flying on a private jet in the most ironic way possible

Bow Wow, c’mon man. That’s just embarrassing. 
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Shad Moss, the guy formerly known as Lil Bow Wow, lives a life of extravagance—or at least that’s what his Instagram would have you believe. He drinks from gold-plated bottles of liquor in front of palatial homes. He drives a customized Mercedes SUV. He’s got a sweet boat

He did not, however, as this photo would make it seem, fly in a private jet to New York

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No, according to this photo going around Twitter, Bow Wow flew commercial. 


That photo could easily be any other person, so maybe he really did take the private jet, right? Nope. Bow Wow got busted by—of all things—reverse image search. 

Seriously? The guy who starred in CSI: Cyber got busted by a really simple computer trick?