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Terry Francona welcomes Kevin Cash back to Cleveland with a very special diss

Terry Francona is right. Kevin Cash was a terrible hitter. (But so was Francona.)

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Indians manager Terry Francona and Rays manager Kevin Cash go way back, which is why Francona is allowed to savagely clown Cash whenever he gets the chance. 

Francona was Cash’s manager for three seasons with the Red Sox and later hired him to be the Indians’ bullpen coach before the Rays made him their manager. Francona has pranked Cash in the past when their teams have met, but he attacked Cash from a different angle this time.

“Something small,” Francona told reporters, “like most of his stats.”

Making matters worse, Cash had to throw batting practice with that massive insult behind him. 

Francona is right, though. Cash was a godawful hitter, with a career OPS+ of 37 (100 is average). While Francona was no slugger himself, with a career OPS+ of 81 and only one above-average offensive season to his name, he isn’t exactly the man in the glass house throwing stones. 

The best part is that whatever response Cash comes up with will seem weak by comparison. The Indians have the biggest video board in MLB, while Tampa’s is the second-smallest.