Traina Thoughts: One popular ESPN figure is staying, one is leaving

Lee Corso signed a new ESPN deal, while John Clayton is among the layoffs.
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1. ESPN keeps making news with its roster of talent. Sporting Newsreported Wednesday that longtime NFL reporter John Clayton was among the recent layoffs that hit the network. Clayton had been with the network for 23 years. On the flip side, the network announced that the legendary Lee Corso has signed a mutli-year deal to remain on the very popular, College GameDay. Corso has been with ESPN for 30 years. Obviously, whether you like or dislike a television personality is subjective, but it's hard to imagine college football fans not getting a huge kick out of Corso putting on the mascot head each and every Saturday. We love traditions, so we're thrilled Corso will be around to entertain us right before kickoff each week. Plus, how could you not like a guy who just doesn't care about dropping an f-bomb on live TV and shocking the hell out of his co-hosts.

Back to Clayton. He's taking his departure from ESPN well, dropping one hell of a tweet.

2. I made it my mission not to mention "Covfefe" today, but Ric Flair wouldn't allow it.

3. The only way this would be better is if there was video.

4. This kid's LeBron James impression gets an A+.

5. The Dodgers have been on a roll, winning six straight games. Their margin of victory in those contests have been 4 runs, 4 runs, 5 runs, 5 runs, 4 runs and 5 runs. That's been bad news for L.A. closer Kenley Jansen. Fortunately for Jansen, he has very caring teammates.

6. I love Jeff Van Gundy. I think he's by far the best NBA analyst on TV today. However, Van Gundy must have taken when Tiger Woods took over the weekend because he thinks the Warriors can reach 8-10 NBA Finals.

7. Peta is mad at the NHL.

8. As if Mike Francesa's ego isn't large enough, a caller to Tuesday's show on WFAN in New York credited the man known as The Sports Pope with preventing him from committing suicide.

9. THE DAILY ROCK: WWE fans always want a CM Punk fix, so here's The Rock laying the verbal smackdown on Punk and Paul Heyman.

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