By Jimmy Traina
June 01, 2017

First, a long preamble.

We love John Cena for many reasons.

He's been mainstay in the WWE for a long time and has provided much entertainment over the year, especially early on when he rapped as the "Dr. of Thugamnoics."

More importantly, Cena's charitable efforts should be applauded by everyone, everywhere. The guy has granted more than 500 requests for the Make-A-Wish Foundations.

Lastly, he should've gotten an Emmy for his work on Total Bellas.

Given all those things, it's not easy for us to call out Cena, but we feel like we need to provide some tough love. 

Two days ago, we saw Cena tweet out a promo video for Tapout body spray. Our first thought was, "How ridiculous,", but we did get a kick out of Cena's face on a bottle of body spray.

But now we have Cena promoting Crocs (which nobody should ever wear) and the combination of both endorsements on back-to-back days is just too much.

John, you're one of the most famous WWE superstars of all time. We implore you to please use some quality control on the endorsements. We'll always remain big fans, though.


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