Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's relationship gets hit with a tabloid scandal.

By Jimmy Traina
June 07, 2017

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1. First things first. There was no Traina Thoughts yesterday because I had to deal with a family matter, but I want to thank all of the people who sent me the Jerry Seinfeld-Kesha clip throughout the entire day. It felt good to know my audience knows me so well and thought of me when they saw Jerry do his thing. 


 2. Who knows what to believe when it comes to tabloids and scorned ex-lovers, but this can't be a fun day for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. First, TMZ reported that the former Yankees slugger was being extorted by an ex for $600,000. She claimed to have "damaging" texts from Rodriguez. A-Rod supposedly refused to pay and had the full support of J-Lo. Well, that must not have sat well with the ex, because she then went to the National Enquirer to spill the beans on A-Rod's many sexual proclivities. She's also claiming that Rodriguez has been sexting her while dating Lopez. That could be a dagger for A-Rod. The woman also claims that A-Rod is not attracted to J-Lo. A few thoughts here:

• The cheating claims would be very easy to believe since a pro athlete having someone one the side would be far from shocking, but the ex loses all credibility by saying Rodriguez isn't attracted to Lopez. Just stop.

• A-Rod deserves credit for not giving into the alleged extortion. Sure, having this information out there is unpleasant, but this woman does not sound like she'd be content to take $600,000 and just go away. Clearly, she wants to embarrass Rodriguez as much as possible.

• If this does prove to be true, though, it would just be another item on the long list of dumb things done by A-Rod and we can't imagine what the New York City tabloids will come up with for their front and back pages.

• Also, if this ends up being true, we can't wait for J-Lo to pull a Taylor Swift and take on A-Rod in a song.

4. Forbes has released its list of the Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World based on salary and endorsements. The The top 10 looks like this:

Cristiano Ronaldo: $93 million
LeBron James: $86 million
Lionel Messi: $80 million
Roger Federer: $64 million
Kevin Durant: $60 million
Andrew Luck: $50 million
Rory McIlroy: $50 million
Stephen Curry $47.3 million
James Harden: $46.6 million
Lewis Hamilton: $46 million

5. If you are a person that likes to play parlays (my dear friend Sal is addicted to them), here's something that will give you hope. One Bovada player recently hit a 10-team parlay for $96,000.

6. The Fashion Files skit that aired on last night's SmackDown Live might have been Fandango and Tyler Breeze's best work yet. The WWE needs to keep these going for a long time.

7. One of the greatest movies of all time, Goonies, was released in theaters on this date in 1985. Enjoy some truffle shuffle.

8. Meet 80-year-old Dan Twomey, who still has a serious hoops game.

9. DAILY ROCK: Here's four minutes of the Great One mocking HHH.

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