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Super Bowl champ Chris Long tells great story about being asked if he saw the Super Bowl

Former Patriot Chris Long made a key Super Bowl play, but still goes unrecognized.

Defensive end Chris Long played a huge role in the Patriots' Super Bowl comeback against the Falcons last year. Atlanta offensive lineman Jake Matthews was flagged for holding on Long during a key moment late in the game when the Falcons were looking to finish off New England. We all know how that turned out.

Despite Long's presence in the game and the fact that one of the big storylines of the Super Bowl was Chris trying to follow in his dad Howie's footsteps by winning a ring, not everyone was impressed.

While co-hosting the Ryen Russillo Show Wednesday, Long told a great story about how a waitress recently gave him a reality check. 

The new Eagle was in Philly watching the Cavs blowout the Celtics during the Eastern Conference Finals at a bar when he overheard his waitress say she was from Boston. Long decided to throw a chirp her way and say that the series was over. 

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She was like, " But, we got hot. It's never over," Long said.

Long said he responded by saying, "I guess, you might you be right, but not in this situation."

"I go, 'This series is over.' And she goes,"Did you see the Super Bowl?"

This should be a lesson to all Super Bowl winners. Even if you don't wear your ring, keep it in your pocket at all times in case you need to use it for incidents like this one.