Thanks to long home runs and an awesome shirt, everyone is loving Aaron Judge.

By Jimmy Traina
June 12, 2017

The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. Forget the 495-foot home runs.

Forget the awesome Sandlot shirt.

Aaron Judge's most impressive accomplishment to date is that even the Yankees haters, of which there are MANY, are heaping praise on the white-hot young slugger.

2. Kevin Durant will probably win a ring tonight or Thursday, but he'll always be subjected to things like this.

3. Dwyane Wade has taken a lot of heat for the outfit he wore to Game 4 of the NBA Finals last Friday. He even got in on the action late last night and it was excellent.

4. Torrey Smith's young son asked him where he came from. The result was this hilarious conversation between the new Eagles receiver and the inquisitive young man.

5. Cam Newton held is third annual "Kids Rock" gala over the weekend, and as usual, came dressed in style.


6. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts didn't quite go Gregg Popovich, but he did a decent job handling a not-so-well-thought-out question. 

7. This what happens when you're a WWE superstar on a break.

8. Here's John Cena deadlifting Jimmy Fallon like it's no big deal.

9. This video of a little kid going to great lenghts to help his little brother escape his crib is probably fake, but we hope it's not.

10. THE DAILY ROCK: This kid was NOT into The Rock pretending to write all over him with magic marker.

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