When parades get profane: Five memorable f-bombs from championship parades

LeBron James, Chase Utley and others have worked blue at championship parades.
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With the Penguins and Warriors partaking in parades this week, we're looking back at five times championship parades got X-rated thanks to athletes (and one non-athlete) going unfiltered and dropping the big four-letter word.

1. Chase Utley, 2008: The popular Phillies second baseman walked to the podium and didn't waste anytime playing to the crowd. He started off his speech with, "World f---ing champions."

2. Jonathan Quick, 2012: The Kings goalie was in awe of his colleagues and asked the home fans, "How about this f---ing team right here?" Quick didn't stop there. He followed up his question with a demand: "Look at this f---ing team? Look at these f---ing guys/"

3. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 2014: "There are two rules in politics," said the elected official at the Kings' celebration. "Never ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear. But this is a big f---ing day."

4. Corey Crawford, 2013: We can't accuse Corey of maybe consuming a beverage other than water on this day, but we have a funny feeling something may have altered the goalie's state on this occasion. It was a two-f-bomb day for Crawford, who opened his remarks with, "F---ing right Chicago" before praising his teammates by saying, "Biggest bunch of beauties in the league. F---ing worked their nuts off for this trophy.

5. LeBron James, 2016: The King let the expletives fly (Hat tip: Kramer) during his speech, unloading 10 profanities in 16 minutes. The final tally looked like this:

Ass: 4
Sh-t: 4
F--k: 1
Motherf---er: 1