Meet the 74-year-old bodybuilder breaking age expectations

Janice Lorraine didn't start her bodybuilding career until she was 55, and she's still at it 19 years later.
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Janice Lorraine isn’t your average 74-year-old.

For almost 20 years, the former psychologist has been competing in bodybuilding competitions around the world, while putting a dent in ageist stereotypes.

“A woman my age, 74, is expected to be a certain shape and a certain degree of frailty and the idea is to show, no, you don’t have to fit that stereotype,” Lorraine told the Australian Broadcasting Company. “I’m trying to set people free from the idea that a woman should be a certain way at a certain age.”

Lorraine said she’s up at 5 a.m. each morning and walks nearly five miles a day. Along with hitting the gym three times a week, Lorraine does dozens of pushups and other workouts in the mornings, according to ABC.

“Rather than being 74 and feeling awful and embarrassed, I feel good. Head up, strong, I strut along the street,” Lorraine told the site. “I’m probably the oldest female by far who is competing at the moment.”


Lorriane began her bodybuilding career at 55 “amid doubters and scoffers,” according to the woman’s website. The grandmother of three won 10 world titles between the ages of 57 and 70.

The bodybuilder, who is also a motivational speaker, writes about her journey in a blog, telling about her “gym family,” self image and more.

“Many older people in particular find themselves no longer feeling useful, relevant or worthwhile and many focus on what they once were instead of focusing on becoming more of who they are,” she wrote in one blog post. “Age doesn’t have to determine anything.”

And, for Lorraine, it doesn’t. She recently won a gold medal in the 2017 iCompete Natural in New South Wales, competing in the 50- and 70-plus categories, Sunrise reports. And she has no plans of slowing down.

“I’m aiming to show a different image of an older person because we become what we expect to become,” Lorraine told Sunrise. “If you don’t change that image in your head, that’s what you’re headed for.”

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