Check out #FirstGifComesUpForYourName for LeBron James, Tom Brady and other stars.

By Jimmy Traina
June 20, 2017

All morning and afternoon on Tuesday, the hashtag #FirstGifComesUpForYourName was trending on Twitter.

The premise was as simple as it sounds: Put your name into the GIF search box on Twitter and post the first GIF that comes up.

For example, here's Giants outfielder Hunter Pence participating in the fun. has decided to help out some of the top figures from the world of sports and do the  #FirstGifComesUpForYourName search for them.

Here are the amusing results.

Tom Brady

LeBron James

Mike Trout

Vince McMahon

Cam Newton

Bryce Harper

Kevin Durant

Roman Reigns

Bill Belichick

Sidney Crosby

• Russell Westbrook

Rob Gronkowski

​• The Undertaker

Clayton Kerhsaw

​• Serena Williams

Roger Federer

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