Traina Thoughts: Does LeBron James have good taste in cartoons?

LeBron James takes a break from front office drama to watch 'Tom & Jerry'.  
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1. LeBron James caused a big stir last night when he sent this tweet after Cavs owner Dan Gilbert fired GM David Griffin.

We're here to focus on something more important. Tuesday morning, the 32-year-old legend was watching his favorite cartoon, Tom & Jerry. 

While we wonder if his hashtag, #TwoGoatsOnTheSameShow was his playful shot at the cartoon version of a "Super Team," we need to praise James for having excellent taste in animation.

The top three cartoons of all-time are:

Woody Woodpecker
• Tom & Jerry
The Flinstones

​If you disagree, hit up SI's Extra Mustard page and let us know.

Lastly, while it shouldn't surprise anyone that James has a ridiculous car/van/SUV/whatever, how about that TV in his ride? It's good to be King.

2. You may have read yesterday that Rob Gronkowski dropped more than $100,000 on a bar tab at a casino. We were skeptical of the story from the first second because, no matter what you think of the lovable meathead, he is very smart with his money. The Pats tight end only spends his endorsement money while stashing away his Patriots pay. Gronk took to Twitter to address the story hours after it broke.

3. The WWE likes to take its audience behind-the-scenes when it comes to injuries. They basically had a camera on Seth Rollins' face last night while he got stitches on his cheek after battling Bray Wyatt.

4. I've said many times that Eagles defensive end, Chris Long, is a great follow on Twitter. I still feel this way despite Long revealing that he has serial-killer tendencies yesterday.

5. Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez didn't realize he was back from a commercial break during last night's game and was caught making a comment that should not have aired.


6. A Packers fan is suing the Bears because Chicago wouldn't let him wear Green Bay apparel on the field before an event for ticket holders last year.

7. You really can't be more socially awkward than Roger Goodell.

8. Big news if you're a SiriusXM subscriber: You can now listen to the satellite radio station on your annoying Alexa device.

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