Traina Thoughts: Gronk gets X-rated with jokes at roast for David Ortiz

Rob Gronkowski worked blue (f-bombs and all) at event for David Ortiz.
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1. If you've watched any Comedy Central Roast, you know it's a hardcore event. Last night's roast for David Ortiz, held at a Boston nightspot, may not have gotten to Comedy Central levels, but one roaster who certainly had fun pushing the envelope, especially when you consider he's a pro athlete and not a comedian, was Rob Gronkowski.

The Patriots tight end dropped many F-bombs, talked about porn and even David Ortiz's genitalia. However, he also joked about Trump's travel ban, made jokes about black people and Jewish people and the belief that Boston is a racist city. Watch for yourself.

Given the times we're living in, it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Patriots fans, everyone from the state of Massachusetts and people who don't get offended by such things will say it's just a roast and they are harmless jokes, although even they might say it was questionable for a pro athletes to go where Gronk went. Others will say many of the jokes were offensive and inappropriate.  Expect this story to snowball and get bigger and bigger. It will be fascinating to see how Bill Belichick and the Patriots handle it, if at all. 

2. The fan at last night's Mets-Dodgers game risked the life of his child to catch a foul ball and his wife was not pleased.

3. Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick, Guillermo, talked to Lonzo Ball after he was drafted by the Lakers last night.

4. Aaron Judge is not only hitting home runs at a ridiculous rate, but he's also making little kids happy and bringing dads and sons together.

5. It was 21 year ago today that one of the most famous and important promos in WWE history took place. It was the birth of Austin 3:16.

6. Yet more proof that Packers tight end Martellus Bennett is a must-follow on Twitter.

7. We've been featuring Russell Westbrook's outfits from Paris Fashion Week all week. Today, the Thunder star went with a casual an comfortable look.

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