And Melo doesn’t follow back.

By Jeremy Woo
July 05, 2017

Not to say there is any discernible drama here, but some clever Reddit users have determined an interesting thing about Adam Silver’s Instagram account, which we felt was worth discussing.

Silver follows 56 people as of this posting, and just one of those people is a currently active NBA player, and that person is Carmelo Anthony.

How should we interpret this? Silver’s official, public account also follows people like Kobe Bryant, Common, Sage Steele, Swin Cash, Mark Cuban, Vivek Ranadive, Dikembe Mutombo, and all the NBA team accounts. But he can’t even follow, like, LeBron?

The leading clubhouse theory: Silver is in Melo’s DMs right now lobbying him to waive his no-trade clause with spam messages.

More importantly, why doesn’t Melo even follow back?

Makes you think...


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