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Traina Thoughts: Here's the insane tale of an MLB fan who wants the 'K' eliminated

A Braves fan complained about the 'K' symbol for strikeouts and all hell broke loose.

The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. When I first saw the story this morning about a Braves fan who complained on Twitter about seeing "KKK" on the wall of the stadium after Atlanta pitcher Jaime Garcia had three strikeouts, my first thought was, "Oh, this person probably don't know anything about baseball and it sucks that people are mocking her and destroying her mentions." Then I checked her Twitter feed and saw that she was actually defending her position and really wanted MLB to change the symbol for strikeout. Not only that, she also sent some crazy replies to people. Take a look.


Now for the kicker. After having the nerve to throw in that last reply, she ended up deleting her entire Twitter account because people started digging and exposing some ugliness.

The Onion couldn't even make up this story.

2. NBA Jam will love this oral history on the iconic game so many of us were addicted to at one time in our lives.

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3. Rafael Nadal signed a prosthetic leg for a fan at Wimbledon.

4. Tom Brady has a new book coming out and he really laid it on thick with his Instagram sales pitch.

5. Gordon Hayward's wife had a message for all the people who ripped her husband for leaving Utah for Boston.

6. After getting in a Twitter beef with fellow golfer, Steve Elkington, Rory McIlroy made his wife switch his password so he could stay off social media. 

7. So, the big "news" yesterday was Rob Kardashian having a social media meltdown about his relationship with Black Chyna. Before your roll your eyes and rightfully say, "Who cares?", you should know that the saga led to one of the great tweets you'll ever see.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: I ended up in a YouTube rabbit hole over the weekend and discovered that Roddy Piper, Sting, Bobby Heenan and Madusa once appeared on Bill Maher's old Politically Incorrect show that aired on ABC. Things got off to a very heated start between Piper and Maher beginning at the 4-minute mark.


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