All hail Miami Bryce.

By Jon Tayler
July 10, 2017

The MLB All-Star Game, if you haven't heard, is in Miami this year, and with Miami being the city equivalent of a Honda Civic that has a dayglo paint job and lights on the underside of the car, the players at this season's Midsummer Classic have to up their style if they want to stand out. By the looks of his cleats for the game, Nationals superstar Bryce Harper has more than met that challenge.

Those really are fantastic shoes all the way around, but the most intriguing thing here is the concept of "Miami Bryce," which to me suggests a south Florida alter-ego that Harper should adopt and use all the time. Just imagine it: From now on, Bryce Harper plays every game while wearing a white linen suit and loafers, or looking like Don Johnson's hirsuite son. No one loses if this happens—well, except for Harper's dry cleaners. Getting dirt and sweat out of white linen can't be easy.

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