Traina Thoughts: Everybody Hates the New York Yankees

The Yankees are the most hated team in baseball. Which team is the most popular?
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1. A new survey from breaks down the most loved and most hated teams in Major League Baseball. The Yankees are still the game's Evil Empire, with 27 percent of 989 baseball fans surveyed saying they hate the Bronx Bombers more than any other team. The Red Sox claim second place at 10 percent. As you can see by one of the charts in the piece, the Yankees feat is quiet impressive, because they are the most hated team in each and every part of the country. Personally, I feel like this GIF is responsible for a big part of the voting.


2. Episode 2 of my Off The Board podcast is here. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on SoundCloud and we've added Stitcher for your listening pleasure. In the first 22 minutes of the show, I talk about what happened when I left for and then got fired by I go into what a year away from this business was like before coming back to this past April. I also touch on what's going on these days in sports media, with layoffs happening at seemingly every sports company, from ESPN to Yahoo! to Fox.

In the second half of the podcast, I speak to the host of the enormously popular, Something To Wrestle With podcast, Conrad Thompson.

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Conrad talks about what the past year has been like, the prep he does for his show, what wrestling topics he'd like to cover and the state of the WWE right now. Even if you haven't watched wrestling in years, I can't implore you enough to check out Something To Wrestle With. It's incredibly well done and Thompson uniqueness is a big reason why. Of course, you should listen to Off The Board first, and then head over to Something To Wrestle With.

3. Do I care that Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze hired hookers? No. Do I think a coach in any sport should be fired for engaging in sexual activities with a hooker? No. Do I love going through Hugh Freeze's Twitter account to see what a man who hires hookers has to say to his followers? Oh, hell yes.

At least he knew he wasn't perfect.

4. This is very well played by golfer Lexi Thompson, who responded yesterday to the LPGA recently tightening up the dress code for its players.

5. Drake continues to be an annoying presence in the sports world.

6. Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge had a catch with a young fan in between innings of last night's game against the Mariners.

7: FLASHBACK FRIDAY: On this date in 2004, Red Sox leftfielder, Manny Ramirez, famously did something that no outfielder had ever done before: cut off a relay throw.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since this week's podcast guest is Conrad Thompson, I figured it would be appropriate to feature his partner, Bruce Prichard, aka, Brother Love. Here is a classic clip of the Brother Love Show, starring Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan.

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