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Anthony Scaramucci Owns a Stake in the Mets and a Famous Mike Piazza Jersey

The White House Communications Director 

Anthony Scaramucci's relationship with baseball runs deep.

The new White House Communications Director, who has been in the news after a vulgar interview with The New Yorker, has taken to Twitter in the past to air grievances with his favorite team.

But Scaramucci, who grew up on Long Island, isn't just your average disgruntled Mets fan; he owns a minority stake in the team. According to Newsday, Scaramucci teamed up with two other investors to buy a 4% share in the Mets in 2012—a share that is valued at up to $20 million.

The ties run even deeper. Last year, Scaramucci was part of a group that paid $365,000 for Mike Piazza's game-worn jersey from the Mets' first post-9/11 game in New York, in which Piazza hit the game-winning home run.

Scaramucci promised Mets fans that the jersey would rotate between three places: the 9/11 museum/memorial in downtown Manhattan, the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Mets museum at Citi Field.