The height of Randy Johnson and the arm of, uh, not Randy Johnson.

By Jon Tayler
July 28, 2017

Here's your proof that if Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky ever gets tired of basketball, he might be able to swing a second career on the diamond. The former Wisconsin star showed off his arm at Chicago's Guaranteed Rate Field last night by hitting 85 mph with a pitch, and he even won $100 in the process.

A few things here. One, those radar guns are likely not accurate, so maybe Kaminsky's friend can welch out of this on a technicality. Two, Kaminsky's motion and windup leave a lot to be desired. Three, that pitch would've broken that poor batter's arm. But hey, it still went 85 mph on the dot (which is more than most can do), and a bet's a bet, so Kaminsky goes home with a fresh Benjamin in his wallet. Maybe he can spend it on pitching lessons?

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