A newly unveiled wax statue of Tom Brady may need a little bit of work.

By Chris Chavez
August 01, 2017

A new wax figure of Tom Brady was recently unveiled at the Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston and it does not look like him. A photo of the figure was shared by Raul Martinez of NBC Boston on Tuesday afternoon.

Many have attempted to recreate Brady's face but had their share of troubles. The infamous court room drawing of Brady was mocked on social media. A man wearing a scary Tom Brady mask showed up to the Patriots' opener in Arizona last year. 

The wax figure isn't the worst but it's far from the best. It actually looks a little bit more like a Bernie Kosar or David Carr wax figure that happens to be wearing Tom Brady's jersey.

Check out the photo of the wax figure, the mask and the courtroom sketch below:

The Donald Trump wax statue may be the one that they need to work on more.

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