Rain delays make for bored players and lots of silliness, apparently.

By Jon Tayler
August 03, 2017

Thursday afternoon's Cubs-Diamondbacks game in Chicago was subject to a pair of rain delays thanks to some foul weather on the North Side, which led to a lot of downtime for the players involved, particularly the relievers, who had to chill in their respective (indoor) bullpens while waiting for the game to get going. And naturally, given unstructured free time and no other way to use it, that's going to lead to some competitive weirdness.

Why are all those Cubs relievers wearing animal masks? Who on the Diamondbacks came up with the inspired bobsled and bowling ball bits? Why does Carl Edwards Jr. seemingly have no idea what it looks like to catch a fish? We may never have answers to these questions, but it's still pretty funny to watch.

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