ESPN's lawyers couldn't put an end to 'NotSportsCenter.'

By Jimmy Traina
August 03, 2017

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1. You would think ESPN has bigger fish to fry than going after a harmless parody account, but you'd be wrong. According to Awful Announcing, the very sensitive World Wide Leader used its high-powered lawyers to try and get ownership of the domain,

While the website itself hasn't been updated since 2014, it has a very active Twitter account with nearly 500,000 followers. Clearly, that's what has rubbed ESPN wrong way. Despite what you read about ESPN dying, the company still makes billions in profits. Yet, they are wasting time and money to take the owner of NotSportsCenter to court. But in a beautiful twist, the man who runs NotSportsCenter, Will Applebee, represented himself and took down ESPN's team of lawyers thanks to a three-person arbitration panel that ruled in his favor. Score one for the little guy!

2. Kirk Cousins was mic'd up at Redskins practice yesterday and revealed his killer recipe for water.

3. Freedie Freeman has a major thing for sunflower seeds.

4. You may have heard that Tom Brady turns 40 years old today. While everyone is sharing their favorite Tom Brady memories (personally, mine was doing this interview with Brady in 2012 when he told me he was enjoying trying to make babies with Gisele), I'd like to focus on the times when media members actually questioned Bill Belichick about whether Brady could lose his job.

5. This is actually a prob bet you can get action on at BetOnline.AG.

Which QB Signs an NFL Contract First
Colin Kaepernick +125
Robert Griffin III +125
Jay Cutler +1000
Tony Romo +3300
Johnny Manziel +3300

6. Cam Newton got in quite a workout at practice today.

7. Not a bad way to start the day.

8. This week's episode of my "Off The Board" podcast features a great interview with former oddsmaker and current gambling writer/podcaster, Todd Fuhrman. We cover everything from what it's like to cover gambling for a living to our worst losses to tips for those who wager on the NFL. You can listen below or here.

9. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Here's the debut of Doink The Clown's sidekick, Dink. What a time in WWF history!

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